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The boffins at the W3C, locked in their dank MIT dungeon, have nothing better to do with their time than rattle off paper after paper on new development protocols. The more they put out, so it is said, the less Tim Berners-Lee flogs them.The latest comes from the influential Web API Working Group, and is the latest working draft of the ongoing "Progress Events 1.0" project, which concerns data transfer in Ajax web applications. Progress Events concern what happens when additional data is downloaded on demand and refers to scripts which can monitor progress, construct loading bars, and take various kinds of action once data has been transferred. The events in question number five, and are as follows:
It remains unclear whether this five-fold road for download event management in the dynamic web is optimal. Furthermore, the paper also carries a tentative suggestion that a sixth element, a 'stalled' event, should also be included. There's a whole lot more in the document which will be of tremendous interest to developers. If you feel like you have something to add to this project, the W3C is open to ideas, and request that you read the document and respond accordingly.