O'Reilly Explores Rich Interactive Design
Among growing trends in web design, rich interaction is at the top of the list. Creating a rich, interactive user experience doesn't happen overnight. Not only does it require strategy, but it also demands skills with web technologies like Ajax and Flash. With these becoming more popular, the face of the web is changing. 

On Tuesday, February 3 at 10 a.m. EST, O'Reilly presents a 60-minute, free webcast focusing on interaction design -- specifically, rich interaction design on the Web.

Six design principles are explored, including:

  • Make it Direct
  • Keep it Lightweight
  • Stay on the Page
  • Provide an Invitation
  • Use Transitions
  • React Immediately

Guided by Bill Scott, director of UI Engineering at Netflix, each principle comes illustrated with a set of common design patterns. The nuances of each of these principles is explored with real-world examples that illustrate good solutions as well as bad ones (Anti-Patterns).

Learning Opportunities

Attendance is limited, so register today. A reminder will be sent out before the webcast.

To register visit oreilly.com/go/webinterfaces.