Yuuguu Sharing Collaboration Tool
Yuuguu aims to make screen sharing and real-time collaboration as accessible as it can possibly be by offering support for all major platforms. As screen sharing technology is becoming increasingly important to businesses and consumers, Yuuguu's new release with Linux support is imperative in motivating competition.Although it has a fairly odd name -- meaning fusion in Japanese -- Yuuguu came into existence after its founders, Anish Kapoor and Philip Hemsted, became overly frustrated, when they realized that it wasn't easy for them to work together remotely and see each other's computer screens.

Yuuguu's Main Features

Yuuguu allows users to interact securely in the real-time environment, for free. Once set up, the program provides several different functions: * Screen sharing: Always great for doing things like giving live presentations or providing technical support. * Instant messaging: Messaging is an efficient way to communicate while collaborating and screen sharing. * Call-in conference support: Users are assigned a number that can be dialed for conferencing (free for U.S. users with unlimited long distance; other pricing details are available on Yuuguu's site.) * Multi-user support: Thirty people can interact with others and experience a true web-based conference session. Anish Kapoor, founder and CEO of Yuuguu, explained why his product is so useful: “Yuuguu is designed to allow diverse groups of people to collaborate online in real time, and the launch of Linux support is just the latest step down this road."

Windows, Mac and Linux, Too

What differentiates Yuuguu from similar offerings by competition is that Yuuguu is available for all three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, Yuuguu is easy to set up. With an interface that allow users to see when colleagues or friends are online, it ensures that users can easily stay connected. Although Yuuguu is a relatively young product, it is entering a sector that could benefit from more competition. Seeing a free and decent offering is a nice change from the usual expensive alternatives. Yuuguu can be downloaded here. An enterprise version of Yuuguu with additional functionality is expected to be released soon.