An Easier Way to Change Your SharePoint Password

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An Easier Way to Change Your SharePoint Password
SharePointBoost is a supplier of SharePoint Web Parts and Add-ons, in addition to consulting services. Their products range from list, administration, portal, alert to lookup web parts, in addition to a couple of free tools.

Probably one of the most interesting is the SharePoint Password Change web part. With a new version recently released, this web part offers some nice capabilities to help administrators manage the password security policies for their implementation.

Manage Your SharePoint Passwords

The SharePoint Password Change is actually comprised of two web parts: SharePoint Password Change Web Part and SharePoint Password Expire Warning Web Part.

The web parts are integrated with Active Directory which means SharePoint users can now change their LAN passwords in SharePoint. This is particularly useful if SharePoint is a primary tool for a worker.


SharePoint Password Change web part

Learning Opportunities

Included in the newest version of the SharePoint Password Change web part is:

  • Email notifications for reset and expiration of passwords
  • Log files on password reset history
  • Grant password change privileges to users other than a SharePoint Administrator

This web part works for both WSS3.0 and MOSS and is completely configurable. You can purchase a single site collection license for 50 users for US$ 199 or a Farm license for 50 users for US$ 350. There is additional pricing for larger number of users and premium support.

Take a closer look at how this web part solution is installed and configured. Note that Bamboo Solutions also offers a similar web part.

Other recently updated web parts that might interest you include:

  • Column/View Permissions: Restrict the view of certain columns to particular users
  • Alert Reminder Boost: Email alerts across a wide variety of SharePoint activities