ASP.NET MVC Not In Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1
How many of you rushed to download Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2010 (news, site) when it was released last week? A lot, exactly. But how many of you came away just a little disappointed to find out that ASP.NET MVC (news, site) is not part of Beta 1? Know how you feel.

According to Phil Haack, the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 was already in lock down before MVC 1.0 was released. Disappointing, but makes sense.

Haack says MVC will be a part of Beta 2, but they are also working on an out-of-band installer for Beta 1 that will allow you to install the project templates and tooling required for MVC projects. The installer is expected sometime in June and will be available on CodePlex.

A Temporary Workaround

Until then, there is a workaround that will let you open your MVC projects in Visual Studio 2010, you just won't have all the functionality.

Eilon Lipton tell us that a MVC project is a "flavor" of the Web Application project template that already exists in Visual Studio, it is not a brand new project template. If that flavored project isn't installed in Visual Studio, then it won't open:


Visual Studio Project Open Error

Lipton provides a workaround involving removing the GUID that references the MVC project in the .vbproj file (read the full instructions here). Doing this will allow you to open the project in Visual Studio 2010, but not have any of the MVC project specific features.

Which is okay, at least you get to play with Visual Studio 2010.

.NET framework 4.0

Speaking of Visual Studio 2010, there's a whole new .NET framework at play here with a lot of new functionality that we are in the process of summarizing for you.

Head over and download your trial version, or get it with your MSDN subscription, and start looking around. Or, you can read our article on what's in store.