Bamboo Solutions Offers Free Software to SharePoint Community Groups
Keeping with the theme of pricing and SharePoint today, we have a little something coming from Bamboo Solutions (news, site).

Bamboo, a provider of SharePoint solutions, web parts and other add-ons, has announced that they are giving away software to SharePoint Community groups as part of an initiative called The Bamboo SharePoint User Group Community Project

If you are on of the numerous community organized SharePoint user groups you can sign up for over US$ 5,000 worth of software. Bamboo has committed over US$ 2 million in products and technology.

How Does it Work?

Just by registering and being approved as a real community group, you automatically get a US$ 1,500 credit to spend on Bamboo products and solutions. In addition you will get listed in the SharePoint User Group Community Listing. There doesn't seem to be any limitation on the type of product you select -- other than the cost -- and most products are under US$ 1,000.

Bamboo wants in return, your product reviews and feedback on those products and solutions you use. If you do blog about them or write reviews on Bamboo Nation, you can earn additional US$ 1,000 in credit (note that it must be original content).

It's important that you read and agree to the license terms for the software you get.

Community Driven

This isn't the first time Bamboo has given back to the SharePoint community. They are a contributor to the Community Kit for SharePoint on Codeplex, offer a free version of the SharePoint business data catalog called MashPoint and gave us our Vista hack to run SharePoint. So this offer seems to be in keeping with their community-driven approach to providing solutions.

According to their blog, "It is obvious to us that SharePoint User Groups play an extremely important role in the SharePoint ecosystem, facilitating information-sharing and evangelizing the capabilities of the platform." So what better place to get some quality reviews and feedback on your products and solutions. Good for the SharePoint community, great free marketing for Bamboo.

Check out the Bamboo SharePoint User Community Group Project and see how it works for yourself.