Your Friday web part review comes from Pentalogic and is in the form of a reminder web part. Designed to take SharePoint alerting to a super sonic level (which to be honest wouldn't take much), here's a quick look at what you get.

SharePoint Reminder

SharePoint Alerts are bad. They are so basic they aren't worth using in most instances. The SharePoint Reminder Web Part from Pentalogic offers capabilities that go beyond sending out an email alert when a list item or document changes.

Built for both SharePoint 2003/WSS2.0 and SharePoint 2007/WSS3.0, the Reminder Web Part has the following features:

  • Custom Email Message: Create a custom email message that includes information from your list
  • Conditions: Generate alerts for any number of conditions including: date, added/modified items, approval status, changes to specific fields
  • Scheduling: Support for scheduling reminders based on timezones, specific times of day, monthly reminders, and more

You can also set up recurring reminders, control the number of emails sent and customize the email properties.


Reminder Web Part - Task Reminder

Recent updates to the web part including the recurring events, plus the ability to reset the count on the number of times a reminder has been sent if certain conditions are met.


Reminder Web Part - Email Customization

The SharePoint Reminder Web Part starts at US$ 495 for a license, including support. If you want to see how it stacks up to other vendor web parts for enhanced alerts you can.

Also nice is the ability to view all the documentation online before you buy and a trial offer to put the web part through its paces.