Although many might question the true nature of the newly announced CodePlex Foundation, they can't deny that Microsoft is coming out with solutions that demonstrate their ability to interoperate with open source technologies.

We told you about their new PHP Toolkit that helps PHP developers access ADO.NET Data Services. Now Microsoft demonstrates a cloud interoperability scenario where data stored in the cloud can be accessed via PHP using that toolkit.

This Azure cloud scenario was demonstrated at Gov 2.0 Summit last week to "explore how technology can enable transparency, collaboration and efficiency in government". So how does it work?

Microsoft loaded publicly available government data into an Azure cloud storage. An OGDI application was then built to expose the data, and then this data was made available via a REST interface using ADO.NET Data Services.


Data Interoperability Scenario in the Cloud

This scenario is not only a good example of how the PHP Toolkit works, but also the OGDI interactive SDK.

You can read a little more about this scenario here and get links to the applications to give it try yourself.