Add Some Business Intelligence to your PHP Applications

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Last year, Microsoft released a PHP Toolkit for ADO.Net Data Services enabling PHP applications to to connect and leverage the various services offered in ADO.Net Data Services. Now they offer the ability to add some business intelligence capabilities to those same applications, thanks to SQL Server 2008.

Reporting Services SDK

Microsoft has released a SQL Server Reporting Services SDK (Software Development Kit) for PHP. The SDK provides a number of tools that will help you add reporting and business intelligence capabilities to your PHP applications.

What do you get with the SDK? A SOAP-based API that connects to Reporting Services, providing the basics required for reporting:

  • Get a list of available reports
  • Render reports
  • Customize reports based on parameters entered on a PHP form


SQL Server Reporting Services for PHP - Logical Architecture

This is, of course, an open source project which you can download from Codeplex any time. And yes, it uses SQL Server 2008, but that can be the free edition SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services, so you don't have to buy an expensive database license to use the SDK.

Learning Opportunities

In addition, report design is done using the Business Intelligence Development Studio that comes with SQL Server Express.

There's a walk through demonstration available on the Microsoft Interoperability blog if you want to see it in action.