Previously, we reported on the various ways that Kampyle gathers valuable customer feedback. Thanks to feedback from its own customers, however, Kampyle has been able to launch functionality that allows companies to generate leads from customer feedback.

Collect and Convert

By using Kampyle’s integrated feedback forms, companies collect information about their users that traditional anonymous surveys don’t. The additional information, such as name and contact information, provides opportunities to make customer feedback a two-way conversation, rather than a one-dimensional outlet.

Kampyle has developed a process that helps companies decide which next steps are appropriate for specific users based on the type of information they provide. By creating a customized approach, companies can not only use the feedback generated to improve their website’s experience, but can also use it to improve the relationships with their customers.

Validating Leads in Customer Engagement

Admit it, it feels good to be validated. So when you receive a follow-up call from a company’s customer service representative about feedback you provided, you tend to respect them a little more for taking the time to follow up or for providing you with an opportunity to expand on your thoughts with a real person. Such respect can easily turn to profit and Kampyle has the numbers to prove it.

In its recent white paper, Website Feedback:The Undiscovered Lead Generation Channel (PDF), Kampyle reports that, among the thousands of customers who use Kampyle Feedback Analytics, nearly 60% of the visitors who leave feedback also voluntarily provide their contact information. Additionally, Kampyle customers report that 45% of visitors who leave feedback convert to a sale.

An Integrated Workflow for Generating Leads

Kampyle offers an integrated system that lets companies create forms to collect and act on visitor feedback, helping them to reduce customer attrition, enhance online engagement, increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advanced analytics and reporting provide businesses with an understanding of visitor behavior and enable them to devise a strategy for achieving immediate and long-term website goals. Once feedback is submitted, companies can pass feedback detail to appropriate people or departments in real time. In addition, companies can choose to acknowledge visitors who provide contact information with their feedback, push a feedback form to visitors who abandon shopping carts or other scenarios.

From feedback to followup, Kampyle is serious about addressing the needs of users. Without feedback, it's hard to know how to measure your website's impact in the marketplace. Yet, feedback is only part of the process; listening and engaging directly with users are the others.