Besides reTweeting or a shout out on your Facebook page, there isn’t an official way to pay another's influence forward. What if you could not only give credit to those who have inspired you, but you could help promote them in the process? Now you can.

Who Influenced You?

This week, the folks at Klout announced a new feature designed to let user vouch for the influence of others. The +K system, as it's called, users will see a +K button next to all users’ topics. By clicking it users alert Klout (news, site) that an another user has recently influenced you in this topic.

This new functionality is built on the assumption that, as Klout says -- “influence is temporal.” Influence is also fleeting. In order to capitalize on it, users can help highlight the people or brands that make a difference in their lives.


The Limitations of +K

For the time being, +K has some limitations. Topics are generated by algorithms, but users can expect to add their own soon. As well, giving a +K to someone else is purely altruistic -- it doesn’t affect the giver’s Klout score at all. But receiving a +K will affect the ordering of topics and allows you to remain influential in that topic for longer. But use your +Ks wisely, users acquire 5 +K per day, but you can only give +K to the same user on a given topic once every 7 days.

The new functionality gives users a reason to visit Klout daily, which may or may not work. Yes, it’s a way to help contribute to the influence of others, but it’s one more tool to add to our already crowded tool bag. Time with tell if +K is really that influential.