Moxie Software (news, site) has updated its Social Workspaces Suite, this time focusing on Customer Spaces with a new mobile user interface for the Knowledgebase and integrated chat in the contact center. But that's not all.

The last time we talked about Moxie Software, we looked at updates to its Employee Spaces application. But there's another important element of the Social Workspaces suite, Customer Spaces. And it's Customer Spaces that has been updated this time.

Customer Spaces Update

There are a number of new and improved features in Customer Spaces, including:

Knowledgebase Mobile UI

The Knowledgebase has a new mobile user interface. It provides simple and seamless browsing access to the Knowledgebase. This is a mobile web application, so it will work across all devices including the iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry.


Customer Spaces-Knowledge Base - Mobile UI

You can configure and style the look and feel to match your brand as well.

Smart Personalization

Another key update to the Knowledgebase is Smart Personalization. Now you can ensure your customer gets the information that is relevant to them. By integrating with existing customer information systems -- like a CRM, or other entitlement application -- the Knowledgebase can show a user only the information that they are entitled to see.


Knowledgebase - Smart Personalization

The integration with backend customer identity systems means that you don't have to maintain yet another customer profile. Considering the number of these systems you have likely already invested time and money into, this is a good thing.

Integrated Chat

Say your contact center agents use Customer Spaces to interact with customers. They are a number of different ways they can work together including email, web-based chat, co-browsing and more. Moxie has added a new way that has been a frequent customer request -- Instant Messaging.

Moxie has built a gateway to XMPP, which is the popular standard used by apps like Skype, Facebook and Google Talk. Customers can now add a company as a buddy/contact and when they choose to chat with the company, routing rules will ensure that the request is sent to the right person within the company and the chat is opened within Customer Spaces.


Customer Spaces - XMPP Chat Gateway

The integration ensures that the chat is recorded, and reporting and other contact center functionality works around it.

Enhanced Social Media Integration

Finally, Customer Spaces has made some updates to its social media integration, providing additional connections for listening and sentiment analysis. Added to the existing connections of Twitter, You Tube, Bing, Blogger and Digg and others, are Facebook, Yelp, Flickr and Yahoo Firehose (YQL).

In addition, agents can now send direct messages to Twitter users.

All of this information is filtered and tuned so that an agent can respond within his/her existing workflow. Social media integration is integrated into the contact center and managed along with everything else.

Employee and Customer Spaces Together

The nice thing about Moxie's suite is that Customer and Employee Spaces work together to provide a complete solution. To see this in action for a particular use case, watch the following video: