I had the opportunity to present the first ever session on Social CRM with Brent Leary at Blog World Expo (at Mandalay Bay). What made our session unique was that we didn't discuss any social tools such as facebook, twitter, linkedin or blogging. Instead we focused on business applications. If you're looking for a more in depth look at Social CRM, then this is definitely for you.

From Social Media to Social Business

Brent Leary and I were very excited to discuss and introduce the concept of Social CRM to a conference audience which is mainly focused on understanding social media. We had one of the larger session rooms and I'd estimate that around 150-200 people were in attendance. This was my first time presenting and speaking with Brent but it was a lot of fun and our content and discussion topics fit together quite well.

It was great to see so much interest in a session that really stands out from the traditional social media topics which we see at so many conferences (such as blogging best practices, how to grow traffic to a site, how to make the most of twitter, etc.)  

Our session started off with a brief overview of some customer and employee facing statistics which show behavior changes and the importance of shifting towards becoming a social business. Brent then did an outstanding job of explaining CRM (with some killers charts and visuals) and then touched on Social CRM before turning it over to me. I covered Social CRM in a bit more depth and then we wrapped up with some questions and discussion from the audience.  

Our full session presentation can be found below and you can connect with Brent via twitter or his blog.

From Fans and Followers to Customers and Advocates: Social CRM Presentation at Blog World Expo 2010

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Blogworld itself was great -- with over 300 speakers and thousands in attendance it's one of the world's largest social media conferences. A great overview of Blog World Expo can be found in this write up from Blake Landau (CEM: BlogWorld Dips Its Toe in Customer Engagement Strategy).

Any comments and thoughts on the presentation?  Where you in attendance?  What did you think? I'm looking forward to Blog World 2011 where we will hopefully have more sessions around social CRM and social business.