Acquia released an update of its social software solution Drupal Commons back in May, but now it releases something more, the name Drupal. That's right, Drupal Commons is now simply "Commons".

Why Drop Drupal From the Name?

The change from Drupal Commons to Commons seems to have happened a few weeks ago, but it wasn't really clear or widely talked about.

According to a blog post on the Acquia site, this is purely a branding change, designed to encourage organizations to look past the technology and focus on what the software can actually do. It seems the concern may be that only Drupal experts are looking at the Commons and Acquia wants to be sure that others see it for what it really is.

A customer engagement, employee enable and private external community platform -- in other words, it's not a web content management system, it is social business software.

Commons 2.0

Commons 2.0 was launched at the Enterprise 2.0 conference last week. It included Acquia's Social Business JumpStart package and Community Management Strategy and branded communities.

Commons 2.0 has a place among the growing number of social software solutions available today.

Whether or not dropping "Drupal" from its name will encourage more organizations to consider it is hard to say. It was already getting a fair amount of attention.