Would You Give Up Sex to Avoid a PowerPoint Presentation? Data Says Yes
It’s no secret that people hate PowerPoint presentations. You might even say that we love to hate PowerPoint. But new data from SlideRocket suggests that we loathe PowerPoint so much we’d consider giving up things we enjoy or do more of the things we hate, just to make the boring, unimaginative slides stop.

Back Away from the Slides (and No One Will Get Hurt)

Almost a quarter of us would give up sex (for the night), while 21% would rather do our taxes, go to the dentist (20%), or gasp! work on Saturday, instead of sitting through a PowerPoint presentation.

If this seems a little extreme, you’ve probably never had the privilege of being held captive in a boardroom while someone (with seemingly good evil intentions) spoke, assisted by a 127-slide PowerPoint presentation. For the rest of us, we were trapped. If you were lucky, you fell asleep, like 24% of us did. Or you were brave and snuck out, like 30% of those surveyed.

And it isn’t that we don’t want to pay attention. We do. But PowerPoint exhausts and frustrates us in so many ways. For a majority of us, there’s too much text, followed by boring graphics, which makes us wonder if the presenter even reviewed his own slides. And don’t get us started about the massive file space that PowerPoints take up and our compulsive need to email them more than once.

Talkin' Bout a Presentation Revolution

We hate PowerPoint so much, says SlideRocket, that one-third of us dread giving presentations, which is fitting because 29% of us hate sitting through presentations. But so far, we feel there is no alternative. PowerPoint is here to stay, and a result it’s one of those things you just have to suck up.

Well, SlideRocket isn’t just going to let you sit there and sleep. No! They’re going to do something about it. They’re starting a Presentation Revolution!

See the full infographic here to learn more about the startling results of SlideRocket's survey.

See the full infographic here to learn more about the results of SlideRocket's survey.

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