Accordent Technologies, a provider of enterprise-wide rich media communications solutions, has been selected by the editorial staff of Streaming Media Magazine as one of ten stand-out products of the streaming media industry in 2007. The Accordent Media Management System (AMMS) is a platform designed for managing, securing and measuring the effectiveness of rich media communications on an organizational scale. The system enables organizations to deliver a fully customizable search portal reminiscent of YouTube for all their multimedia presentations and assets, backed by a secure management platform that integrates with their core enterprise IT and network systems. “Accordent introduced its Media Management System in 2006, immediately boasting a roster of big-name customers…In 2007, though, the system really came into its own, furthering the move toward enterprise video convergence in spring by announcing integration with TANDBERG, Polycom and other videoconferencing systems and then again in the fall by adding support for the TANDBERG Content Server and Flash presentations. Add to that more robust tracking and reporting capabilities, and you’ve got an enterprise powerhouse that just keeps getting better,” said Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Editor of Streaming Media Magazine. The AMMS has been adopted by corporations, government and educational institutions for its unique delivery of centralized online infrastructure for searching, publishing and securing multi-level access to presentations created with Accordent rich media creation products as well as third-party video and audio sources, such as meetings held via videoconference, web conference and audio conference. The AMMS authenticates and tracks viewers so that administrators have a record of who watches each presentation and how long they watch it for. It also can gauge how viewers interact with the material through use of polling, testing and Q&A. This provides an auditable record (and optionally a certificate) to meet regulatory compliance or certification requirements. The system also provides viewer-side statistics and information that lets organizations accurately measure the quality of service provided during webcasts. “We’re extremely pleased to be among the 2007 Streaming Media Magazine Editors’ Picks. The selection of the Accordent Media Management System as one of the year’s best products underscores the essential role that a unified platform can play in helping organizations effectively secure, manage and extend the value of their growing libraries of online communications assets,” said Mike Newman, CEO of Accordent Technologies. The Accordent Rich Media Communications Suite is billed as the only automated, end-to-end infrastructure for creating, distributing, managing and measuring the effectiveness of multimedia presentation assets. Accordent Technologies’ rich media creation products include: * Accordent PresenterPRO - a live and on-demand webcasting solution with interactive features, such as polling, surveys and moderated Q&A; * Accordent Capture Station - an easy-to-use, room-based appliance that enables anyone to webcast and record high-value presentations that take place every day in the world's meeting rooms, classrooms and boardrooms; * Accordent Engage - a behind-the-firewall, enhanced audio webcasting system that enables multimedia webcasting from the desktop. The company’s media management platform is the Accordent Media Management System, a centralized online communications management infrastructure for ingesting, organizing, searching, publishing and securing multi-level access to Accordent presentations and other third-party multimedia communications assets. Visit Accordent Technologies for more information.