Avanstar Releases Transit 9, Automates Print to Web

When we think of web publishing we almost never think of the thousands of manuals and other hardcopy materials that need to find a new home online. Yet the world of web publishing is frantically trying to accommodate companies struggling to keep up with the evolving culture of web content.

One of the vendors looking to help is Avantstar -- a provider of desktop file viewing, content conversion and web content management software -- that has released Transit Solutions 9.

Transit 9 will convert files and publish content originally designed for print or offline use. As well, it aims to save companies time and money while increasing productivity by being able to automate web publishing and eliminate manual conversion.

We spoke recently with Avantstar's Pete Rockers, founder, co-president, and Matt Knutson, director of product marketing, about Transit 9 and its impact on those who will benefit from its automated conversion and publishing management system.

Offline and print documents, such as technical documentation, multipage policies and procedures can be available in a more user-friendly web format. Documents of over 250 file formats can be saved, updated, scheduled for publishing via editable web templates.

Edit Template Window.jpg

Transit Solutions gives you the flexibility to work with virtually any content your organization creates in print or for offline usage regardless of source application.

From IT folks to web content managers, users will be able to maintain high volumes of website changes, conversions and publish hundreds of file types as HTML. Users can create content, save documents and adapt to web templates by using a three step process that incorporates analysis, navigation and behavior, look and feel.



Transit Solutions takes any content originally designed for print or offline use and automatically publishes it as web-friendly content to websites.

In the Web CMS market, there are many products focused on publishing print content to the web. Avantstar's Transit 9 gives companies a tool for leveraging content on the web. The value of this offering is in the need for constant accuracy and credibility, which can be accomplished with Transit Solutions' automatic conversions and publishing.

Additionally, it costs significantly less than a traditional web content management system (pricing starts at US$ 4,995). A free fully functional 30-day evaluation version of the software is also available.