Bringing Newspaper Digital Editions to iPad

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There’s been speculation about how the iPad is good for the publishing industry, provided that publishers take the time to invest in it’s unique design and technologies platform.

Though the iPad has been out less than a week, it hasn’t prevented business providers from offering services to the publishing industry, specifically for the iPad.

Express KCS & PixelMags

Described as a provider of creative business outsourcing services, Express Knowledge Communication Solutions (KCS) is partnering with PixelMags, a digital publisher, to offer iPad and iPhone digital edition solutions to newspaper and magazine customers.

Having developed an end-to-end service for publishers in search of success via the holy tablet. Express KCS provides the scalable resources that can quickly convert InDesign, QuarkXPress, Flash and video content into layouts specifically designed for smaller mobile and tablet screens.

Once designed, PixelMags using their their iPhone and iPad proprietary platform, brings the magazine or newspaper to life.

Learning Opportunities

Experience Expediting Design

While the medium may be unique to Express KCS, they are not strangers to streamlining the online design process for publishers.

In Februrary, Express KCS began producing web-ready content for CityAM, a free newspaper distributed in London’s financial district. While the newspaper goes to press, the Delhi-based studio teams take the newspaper’s QuarkXPress editorial pages and uploads all content into website templates.

Online web publishing has proven difficult for traditional publishers, so one can only imagine the chaos that ensues once publishers dip their toes in other formats, like the iPad. As well because it’s the first tablet of its kind, there are very few publishing models to follow.

Additionally, developing interactive iPad masterpieces can be an investment. The Express KCS and PixelMags partnership will help publishers dramatically streamline the process without breaking the bank.