CMS Watch,Map Content Technology
Everyone should know who CMS Watch is by now. They provide independent analyst reviews on content technologies. Well every so often their creative graphic juices get flowing and they develop their Map of the Content Technology Vendor Landscape.This map, which is patterned after a subway map, or a bus route map for those of us who don’t have subways, shows 60 major vendors and eight different technology “lines”.

"Our customers frequently ask us to distill a complex technology landscape into simple terms," explained CMS Watch founder, Tony Byrne. "This map shows the diversity of players across various content technologies, but also how some lines converge and diverge unexpectedly among different vendors." The eight categories – or lines – of content technology include: * Enterprise Content Management * Web Content Management * Enterprise Portal * Web Analytics * Enterprise Search * Email Archiving and Management * Social Software * Digital Asset Management While you see the major players like Microsoft, IBM, Open Text, EMC and Oracle/BEA straddling the “city center”, you also see a lot of smaller vendors running along each line showing that there is a wide variety of products and solutions available today. From the City Centre you can travel to unique locations like BlogTown, Wikiville, Documount, the Open Source Commons and Archivia. While I like this view, I think it may still require a specialist to explain it in a bit more detail. That being said, the one thing you can say about this map and CMS Watch in particular is that it’s not vendor influenced. CMS Watch is probably one of the few – if not the only analyst firm that works for solution buyers and not vendors. You can’t say that of Gartner or Forrester. You can download the map for free at their website. Important note – if you print it – be sure to use a color printer because the map won’t make a lot of sense without all the pretty colors. To learn more about the vendors you can purchase a number of different technology reports from CMS Watch in these categories.