CNW Launches Comprehensive Media Platform
Canada is taking back the news. A leading Canadian news provider, CNW Group (news, site) has launched a new service that serves to combine many different communication metrics and actions into a single platform.

Creating a MediaVantage

Having recently acquired dna13, an Ottawa-based high tech company, CNW Group integrated dna13’s ability to manage, monitor and measure communication campaign with their own expansive media networks in an effort to create MediaVantage.

By providing a fully integrated communication solution that responds to the needs of today’s communicators, while managing the complete end-to-end communications process, the CNW Group aims to redefine the “distribution only” business model.

The Changing Role of the Communicator

CNW acknowledges that the role of the communicator is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of an evolving audience. As well, journalists and public relations professionals struggle with an intensified workload.

Public relations professionals need to provide more than just basic information often found in press releases. News media need multimedia -- whether it’s photo, a video or social media and as a result, PR contacts need to start incorporating this into their package for reporters.

Streamlining the Communicator's Workflow

Because today’s public relations professional manages a constant and unpredictable communications demand, CNW’s newest platform empowers clients to streamline their workload. With MediaVantage, clients can perform a plethora of meaningful tasks within one secure, online environment, including:

  • Identify issues and monitor emerging trends
  • Create campaign content collaboratively with team members
  • Upload a news release and related multimedia assets to the CNW news center
  • Identify distribution lists and arrange news release dissemination details
  • Log media calls and store email strings relevant to the campaign
  • Monitor media coverage and reaction among social media and consumers in real-time
  • Create reports summarizing efforts and results of communications campaigns
  • Prepare branded clipbooks and distribute them to your management team
  • Determine next steps based on intelligent feedback
  • Maintain a database of knowledge gained from previous campaigns

MediaVantage is available for clients in Canada. In the United States, it has been marketed separately under the brand name dna13. Existing dna13 clients in the US will continue to interact directly with dna13.