Cover It Live,blogging
Looking for a live blogging tool for covering conferences, sporting events and such? Here's a real contender: Cover It Live. It provides a web based platform for blogging to the masses in real time, complete with rich media support, polls, comments and filtered questions and comments. Implementation is as simple as embedding a snippet of code into your page and no download is necessary for your viewers to access the broadcast. Sweet as a nut.

Live Blogging Tool Features

Instantly Published Commentary Bash out your snippets of wisdom in an IM format. ‘One-click’ publishing of video, images, audio and advertisements. Rich media publishing. Embedded Google Video/Image search for finding a resource, which can then be published to the 'console' with one click. If you're live, time will necessarily be a factor, so this is a nice touch. Photos etc. pop up with a nice 'lighthouse' effect. Polls aplenty 'Quick poll' button allows for more one-click embeds. Polls update in real time and can also be created ahead of time and stored in your Media Library. Streaming Questions and Comments Firstly, every time some knucklehead bleats something rude or off-topic, it's not pushed right onto the blog. You get to moderate. Comments come to the blogger in a separate window that only he/she sees. From there they can be ignored or published easily. For big events where you are expecting thousands of viewers, a third party can also be logged in to sift through comments and questions. Back in 10 Minutes Going to the can or out for a cigarette? Set the timer which pops up to tell your viewers when you will be back. Don't leave 'em hanging, man. Instant Replay The blog becomes an archived item which can be replayed in future. Archived material is stored on Blog It Live's own servers, can be deleted if required, and all multimedia content, polls, etc. is also archived. Pricing Free, for the moment. Not even embedded ads as of yet. Enjoy it while it lasts. A very nice, clean, thoughtful solution, this. Sign up or check out the video demo at Cover It Live.