Packt Publishing Drupal 6 Themes Book
Drupal is undoubtedly one of the best web content management systems for creating complex community websites. But it is certainly not the easiest to customize -- that is, unless there are code ninjas in the house. Drupal customization requires time, patience and programming knowledge to create something impressive. There's a learning curve. Drupal 6 Themes, a new Drupal book from our friends at Packt Publishing, aims to help steer would be Drupal jockeys in the right direction.Ric Shreves, a web applications consultant and author, has completed the latest iteration in Drupal theming books. The new release will help instill in users the knowledge to create, modify and deploy dynamic stylings for Drupal-based websites. The book accomplishes this by teaching readers how to make use of the Drupal theming architecture and PHPTemplate engine. Users will also learn how to best utilize CSS -- which plays an important and sometimes confusing part in Drupal theming -- for designing a professional looking Drupal website. Other topics that the book touch on include: * The Drupal 6 Theming Architecture * Finding and installing new themes * Getting the most from Drupal's theme configuration system * Creating a new theme from scratch * Mastering PHPTemplate * Modifying the default templates and styles * Overriding the default templates with your own * Creating dynamic styling which responds to the content or the user * Discovering tools that make theming easier and more efficient Packt Publishing is giving back to the Drupal community by donating a percentage of every book sold to the Drupal Foundation. People interested in contributing to the Drupal project should consider purchasing Drupal 6 Themes. Customers ultimately gain knowledge while helping the Drupal project. Drupal 6 Themes can be found on Packt's website. The paperback book is priced at US$ 35.99 while an e-book version can be downloaded for US$ 27.19. Now then, go learn more about Drupal! And see more of our Drupal coverage here.