Etelos Marketplace Gets SamePage wiki
There are numerous ways to market your product or service these days. One way that appears to be happening more and more is the application marketplace. Similar to's AppExchange, these marketplaces allow you to build up a suite of services and manage them all from a single interface. Etelos Marketplace is an example of this type of marketplace and eTouch's SamePage enterprise wiki is one the latest services to be available in their marketplace.

The Etelos Marketplace

The Etelos was founded mid 1999 and has its own set of development products such as the Etelos Application ServerTM (EAS) and the Etelos Development EnvironmentTM (EDETM). These environments support a number of common application languages as well as their own scripting language. Applications built within Etelos's own environment are available in their marketplace. In addition, vendors can bring their wares to the marketplace to sell. These applications are licensed, billed and distributed as the owner desires. Etelos says their marketplace enables "rapid adoption of applications" and "enables businesses to assemble a Web application suite that is ideally tailored for their business needs."

eTouch SamePage Joins the Marketplace

They may have their own marketing team, but eTouch has found another way to get their SamePage enterprise wiki out to a larger business audience. They have joined the Etelos Marketplace. The pricing looks to be the same, so there's no special deals there. It appears to be just another sales venue for the wiki provider. eTouch Systems CEO Aniruddha Gadre said, “Our partnership is a natural way to effectively address the needs of an audience interested in procuring a Web 2.0 collaboration solution. There is an exploding interest by businesses of all sizes in Web 2.0 products like wikis, blogs, forums and plugins. We are helping to drive that with strong solutions.”

Application Marketplaces - The Future of SaaS?

We told you about another similar type marketplace back in March called Jamcracker. Jamcracker is an on-demand service delivery network that currently has over 100 on-demand applications and services from a number of vendors and ISVs. These guys aren't an application platform though. They refer to themselves as a “provisioning switch” helping companies connect to individual applications or platforms via channel partners. But the plan is the same. These are essentially marketplaces for applications that are available on-demand. In some cases you can build on their platforms, in others you just host your service or offer some kind of seamless, secure pass through. In either case it's a way to get your service out to a wider audience without having to do all the marketing yourself. An interesting concept. One that eTouch seems to believe is a strong move for them. In the same way that many vendors flock to the Salesforce AppExchange, we may start to see a similar trend in these marketplaces.