eZ Publish Web Content Management
eZ Systems has updated the eZ Components suite, releasing two brand new tools for its bubbling developer's cauldron: Tree and Wedav.

eZ Component #1: Tree

Tree enables the creation, manipulation and querying of tree structures. You mean like trees in the forest? Unfortunately, no. Tree structures refer, of course, to hierarchical representations of things like website layout or expressing relationships between site objects. The Tree component supports multiple database storage techniques and also 'storage via persistent objects'. You mean persistent objects like hemorrhoids? I'm not sure. Maybe.

eZ Component #2: Webdav

The second new component is a bundled Webdav tool. Webdav is the technology which offers website users drag-n-drop functionality for moving files/folders between the desktop and the website. For instance, '...with a WebDAV-enabled HTTP server built from eZ Components, you can provide your site visitors with a simple mechanism for accessing and updating batches of content (such as images, video files and text objects)'.

Updates to Existing eZ Components

Meanwhile the pre-existing Components haven't been forgotten with this update: * Authentication gets an 'immediate' mode which prevents browser redirects and provides 'better' OpenID support * Graph gets a couple of new displays * Mail has been updated to include more SMTP authentication mechanisms * Cache now includes support for APC and memcache - which is apparently just what the doctor ordered Interested? Find out more on eZ Components. In other eZ Systems news, WebDeal has announced support for eZ Publish 4.0 on it's Premium Shared Hosting environment. WebDeal are specialists in hosting eZ Publish resources, and have wasted little time in tuning their servers for the optimal running of 4.0 which came out a couple of weeks ago.