iPublishCentral Launches
Impelsys -- a provider of e-content publishing solutions -- has launched iPublishCentral, a self-service e-content delivery platform for publishers. The new platform aims to provide an easy-to-use, full-featured and cost-effective solution for selling print content online. By making print content available for sale online, companies can use iPublishCentral to promote their brands and titles by way of viral Web marketing.As the print industry increasingly attempts to capitalize on the power of online publishing, many new solutions have been popping up. Whether it's a need to offer cost-cutting solutions so that traditional print publications can be made available to a wider audience, or to increase the effectiveness of distribution, online publishing solutions are open for business. And Impelsys is ready. Having completed beta-testing using "several high-profile publishers," iPublishCentral is ready to offer an end-to-end workflow solution that enables publishers to convert, monetize and integrate their print titles via three modules designed to effectively market, distribute and deliver their content online. Thanks to iPublishWidget, iPublishWarehouse and iPublishPortal, the three key components of the publishing industry have been enhanced to promote:* The discoverability of publishers' content* The accessibility to search, sort, retrieve and distribute e-content* The ability to leverage content into marketable, online content products and bundlesOther publisher-focused features include individual and institutional subscriptions, integrated usage reports and advanced systems for managing content, users and subscriptions. Yet, for those just needing the basic features and functionality (including Google advertisements, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles buy link, and up to 1,000 titles) there's no initial cost or start-up fee to use iPublishCentral, making it an affordable option. Impelsys hopes that iPublishCentral will resonate with publishers burdened by print's lengthy development cycles and the rising costs of other online publishing options. They are optimistic that this new platform will bring upon a new era of publishing, which allows publishers to control their content's marketing, distribution and delivery within one simple platform. More information about iPublishCentral, including pricing plans, is available at www.ipublishcentral.com.