js kit
Today the widget-Wonkas over at JS-Kit debuted Navigator, a web service that "distills" community opinion and user behavior (TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!) into a set of moderate-able and actionable site content views. This yields two separate benefits: * Site managers can alter the service's look and feel based on two different forms of data (what users say they want, and what they actually do) * Regular visitors get quick access to content attuned to their personal preferences (whether they know it or not)The Navigator boasts: * Editor's Picks, where users can also add or remove views, or build custom views * Hot-links to most active objects (by views or time) * "Top," which provides access to the most popular items (weighted average) * Grab It," which "viralizes" site content, enabling users to widgetize things they like and post it elsewhere The hoped-for result is a decrease in bounce rates and an increase in page views. The company also promises it'll be easy to deploy, and it's browser-agnostic. Goody gumdrops. Now wipe your chin and jump in here.