Leadership Change: Jeffrey Jaffe Takes the Helm at W3C

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There's a change of the guard at the W3C (news, site) this month. Jeffrey Jaffe has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer. His extensive business and technical experience make him the perfect match to support the W3C's role as the leading forum for the technical development of the Web.

 An Background in Enterprise Solutions

Jaffe has a pretty impressive background:

  • Executive Vice President, products, and Chief Technology Officer at Novell
  • President of Bell Labs Research and Advanced Technologies at Lucent Technologies
  • Vice President of Technology for IBM

And that list is only a subset of the interesting roles he has played. In everything that Jaffe has done, he has shown commitment to open standards and open source, which makes him a perfect match for the W3C. 

"Web technologies continue to be the vehicle for every industry to incorporate the rapid pace of change into their way of doing business," said Dr. Jaffe."I'm excited to join W3C at this time of increased innovation, since W3C is the place where the industry comes together to set standards for the Web in an open and collaborative fashion."

Leading the Web to Its Fullest Potential

As part of Jaffe's role, he will work with W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee, along with the rest of the W3C -- staff and membership, and the great community to communicate the organization's vision and evolve it.

Learning Opportunities

In his first blog post as CEO, Jaffe says his immediate priority is to "preserve and enhance the W3C culture of having an open consensus-based process."

He also says that he will blog often on the issues and encourage comments and/or direct emails to discuss issues of importance to the organization.

A long road ahead of him, Jaffe does seem excited to play such an important role in the evolution of the Web. We look forward to hearing more from him on initiatives such as HTML 5, the Semantic Web and the Mobile Web.