MarkLogic Sever 4.0
Mark Logic Corporation, whose products help to store, manage, search and dynamically deliver content, has launched MarkLogic Sever 4.0 -- the newest version of its XML server.  The 4.0 release aims to "improve search and delivery of unstructured and semi-structured data" -- a goal for which Mark Logic believes organizations are actively searching. New features of the release are dedicated to improving the performance, functionality and scalability of XML servers. Some of the new features include: * Geospatial Support -- New geospatial capabilities allow organizations to build location-based applications that search and analyze content enhanced with geospatial markup. Optimized for high performance and scalability, MarkLogic 4.0 provides built-in support for popular geospatial data tagging formats like GML, KML, and GeoRSS/Simple, as well as new geospatial query functions for point, radius, box and polygon constraints.   * Entity Enrichment -- Built-in support for entity identification and inline markup, featuring works in eleven languages and identifies eighteen different types of entities, including person, organization, location, credit card number, email address, latitude/longitude, date, and time. Customers can enrich content automatically, in order to develop powerful applications that rely on more sophisticated, structured queries. * Large-Scale Alerting -- Users can create alerts so that as new content arrives, or existing content is updated, they can be immediately notified by their preferred method. * Enhanced Content Analytics -- Using co-occurrence analytics and other navigation and usability options, users can explore content to assist with the discovery process. * Full XQuery 1.0 Support -- Now in full compliance with the W3C XQuery 1.0 recommendation and offering hundreds of active XQuery-based deployments. Users have access to compatibility modes to ensure interoperability with applications developed with all previous versions. In addition, 4.0 also introduces an Open Enrichment Framework, an initiative created to speed integration with third-party entity extraction engines and other content enrichment tools. Several partners have already completed integration using the framework and will provide pre-built pipelines that deliver out-of-the-box integration with advanced entity extraction engine technologies. MarkLogic Server 4.0 plans to make three pipelines available including Access Innovations’ Data Harmony, Semantex by Janya and TEMIS’ Luxid. Learn more about the Mark Logic Server at