Mashable Partners with EdgeCast to Speed Content Delivery
Was Mashable having website troubles? They have partnered with EdgeCast Networks, a content delivery network, to speed up the delivery of their social media news and information so you can get your fill of what's happening in the blogosphere that much quicker. Can you tell the difference? You have probably been living in a cone of silence if you haven't heard of or seen It is a very popular website for news and information today. So it's not really surprising that they may need some back-end infrastructure support to help them out. "The richness of our site pages presented a considerable challenge for effective content acceleration, especially as we are growing so quickly," said Christopher Peri, CTO of Mashable. "We needed to offload the content to a content delivery network that could not only improve our performance but also enable nearly unlimited growth." EdgeCast is a rich media content delivery network and it's now their job to speed the delivery of Mashable's content across the globe. Apparently, this new partnership has helped Mashable maintain better than 99.99% availability while reducing site load by more than 50%. "Mashable has rapidly become the go-to site for social media news from around the world, and quickly established a leadership position in the social media sphere," said James Segil, president of EdgeCast Networks. "That position of popularity has put pressure on their infrastructure, and we're pleased they decided to turn to us to alleviate that pressure and ensure their site content is reliably delivered." We hadn't actually heard that Mashable was having infrastructure support problems recently. But with all the trouble that Twitter has had, Mashable probably didn't want to see themselves in a similar situation down the road. Besides, CDNs are all the rage these days, what with cloud computing being the topic of the day. What better CDN to select than EdgeCast, who, according to the Yankee Group is a top 5 CDN "The Feature Focused Up-and-Comer."