MySpace launches developer platform
Responding to the growing success of, the social networking titan, has retaliated with an announcement that they will be unleashing the MySpace Developer Platform. The platform, which is slated to be released as a test next week, will allow developers to integrate games, media-sharing features and other programs with the site - not unlike the way developers have been able to share their programs via Facebook. Although developers will have all the tools they need to create and test programs, they won't be able to integrate them right away. The goal, of course is to compete with Facebook, who despite its recent innovations, still ranks as the second most trafficked social networking site. The platform also aims to innovate "how friends connect and communicate."Previously and without much fanfare, MySpace began allowing developers to create interactive applications known as ''widgets.'' It will be interesting to see how much more innovation networking can stand. Not much else about its launch has been announced, yet it's clear that social networking wars are among us. It's the new version of the old cola wars: great taste-less filling debates - Web 2.0 style. For those eager to learn more, you can register for more information and stay tuned for the kickoff event and workshop at MySpace's new San Francisco office on Tuesday, February 5.