Most websites today are data/content driven, which (happily for us) means content management systems are in demand. However, rarely do we stay with the same system forever. Business requirements and technologies evolve, life moves on and so do we.

The Dreaded Content Freeze Can be Mitigated

The trouble is, moving to a new content management system is often a hugely painful process, involving lots of manual labor. The basic truth is that machines are still no substitute for a subject matter expert, but content migration technologies have improved a bit.

One of the thorniest problems is the content freeze -- when all content production must stop. Things get especially distasteful when the freeze period goes on longer than expected. Unfreezing too quickly can mean systems get out of sync, and this is typically not an option.

A New Take on Content Migrations

But there is a better way. This new process:

  • relies heavily on business rules
  • is largely automated
  • reduces content freeze periods, and
  • delivers real time feedback as content is processed.

To learn more about how it works, check out A New Approach To Content Migration In this on-demand webinar, Kapow Technologies will guide you through their way of doing content migrations. They'll also discuss a recent project with Intel, where they claim they reduced migration time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes per page.

You can register now, but view the event at your leisure.