Two well-known social computing companies have joined forces to help you get your content out to the widest audience possible. What does that mean? Increased revenue -- something everyone wants.The partnership integrates Gigya's distribution and tracking technology with NewsGator's syndication network providing a streamlined content syndication process, a network of over 50 platforms and detailed tracking information.

NewsGator Content Syndication

NewsGator is a major content syndication network. They've been in the news lately due to their integration with MS SharePoint providing the collaboration and content management platform with some Enterprise 2.0 capabilities.The vendor offers widget services and RSS aggregators -- both helping syndicate content to large audiences. Media companies have access to NewsGator's large inventory of RSS content, including 2.1 billion individual content items and more than 7 million posts added daily.

Gigya's Wildfire Technology

In this new partnership, NewsGator will integrate Gigya’s Wildfire distribution and tracking technology into its syndication network. Wildfire is a widget sharing platform that sees the installation of nearly 400,000 widgets per day across the social web, including over 50 social networks, blogs and bookmarking sites.In addition, Wildfire includes real-time analytics that helps an organization track where and how their widgets are used. Reporting is available through a web-based dashboard. According to comScore, Gigya's technologies have helped organizations reach over 142 million unique widget users worldwide. "We are excited to work with Gigya to implement their Wildfire technology," said Jeff Nolan, VP of Consumer and Media Services with NewsGator. "By partnering with Gigya, we enable our top tier media clients to distribute their content to audiences on top social networks, blog platforms, and desktop platforms - and as their audience grows the opportunity for advertising revenue also grows.The combination of these two vendor technologies should help many media companies spread their content and potentially grow their revenues substantially. These new capabilities appear to be designed for NewsGator's top-tier clients though - so the little guys may have to find another way to make some money.