Online Publishing 2.0 - Content Consolidation, Kindle Publishing
Previously, we reported about Mediaspectrum’s (news, site) web-based content management platforms that have been widely used by the world’s newspaper publishers. This week, Mediaspectrum launched an update to ContentWatch, the editorial web platform for web and print publishers alike. ContentWatch 2.0 features new capabilities, including semantic search.

ContentWatch has evolved into a versatile platform, handling multimedia across many channels. Dedicated to centralizing data across systems, their new release continues to highlight the ways information can be accessed.

ContentWatch 2.0 New Features

New features like semantic search, let users explore content in multiple repositories, including production, archive and third party electronic files.

As well, they’ve integrated their solutions with IBM Websphere, a portal that allows users to customize their content management experience. For ContentWatch 2.0, users benefit from the support of a secure and flexible environment from which to run mission critical solutions.

Another new feature is support for the Amazon Kindle. Now publishers can explore new revenue opportunities through direct sales with the reader. In addition, content libraries have been updated and improved so that various groups can define multiple libraries while fully distinguishing the user, content and workflow.

Keeping Pace With the Industry

Thanks to the feedback from Mediaspectrum's many partners and customers, ContentWatch 2.0 continues to keep pace with the changing faces of the publishing industry.

By letting publishers implement new ways of securing advertisers and revenue, while enhancing and managing multimedia across a multitude of channels, ContentWatch 2.0 is certainly one to keep eyes on.

ContentWatch 2.0 is available now