New developments in the field of e-documents have brought us Perfect PDF 5 Editor. This isn't your basic PDF builder. Soft Xpansion's release offers a software application that allows users to edit exiting PDF files and create new ones from empty files. Users can also convert images and simple text files into PDFs, as well as edit content, comment, design, change properties and digitally manage signatures.

More Functionality, Better Productivity

By adding this functionality to the PDF product family, Perfect PDF 5 Editor gives users a soup to nuts application for completing a variety of tasks necessary to edit PDF files.

By being able to design completely new PDFs without source files or data in other file formats, the Editor offers comparable functionality to Perfect PDF Premium 5.

More Security

Users can merge documents into one, print and search through PDFs, and protect documents using encryption and other digital security, including restricting who can print, edit and copy documents. 

As well, Perfect PDF 5 Editor lets users add, track and edit comments, and facilitate collaboration among readers.

PDFs have come along way from just framing static content. Now users can add attachments, embed media, design backgrounds and layers. 

Better Management

Perfect PDF 5 Editor makes managing PDFs more manageable by converting documents into PDFs, while making them more accessible, with options to send via email and make into forms. Users will find the user interface familiar, making it more friendly to those who use the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. 


The Perfect PDF 5 Editor retails for €49,99 and is available as download version only. A trial version is available