Profy launches new blogging site
Blogging has certainly held its own as a popular social media platform, so it's no surprise that new blogging sites are popping up left and right. Add Profy to the list. Well into the second week of its alpha launch, Profy's integrated solution supports a full range of advanced AJAX blogging applications. Profy aims to provide "single, comprehensive seamless access and friendly navigation for the many stages of the blogging process - news reading, sharing selected news stories with a group of readers, writing posts and publishing them, discussing posts with readers, and communicating with readers on other topics." In other words, it aspires to be a one-stop-shop for bloggers and their admirers. Among its capabilities are: * An integrated dashboard with full-featured reader making it easy for bloggers to follow important events * An advanced WYSIWYG editor * Social networking tools that allow authors to engage in discussions with readers The latter seems to be the main attraction as it allows users to add other Profy users and blog owners as friends and contacts and track their RSS subscriptions and movements online. The alpha testing is private and by invite only. Testing includes an initial set of tools and applications allowing users to read and write blogs, discuss created content, and network socially with readers and other bloggers. As with many beta versions, Profy is hoping that users will "influence how the final platform will look and perform." Bloggers interested can still joining the alpha testing program by requesting an invitation. Already a test user? Let us know what you think.