It's all about the little joys in life -- free online shipping, eggnog, and no longer having to manually strip the code out of Word documents when cutting and pasting text. You can thank the genius behind PureText for that last one. The folks at LifeHacker tipped us off about PureText, a freeware application for Windows, that simplifies the cut and paste process by automatically stripping out formatting and images. Prior to this Best Invention Ever, lonely online journalists would have to resort to cutting and pasting their text from Word into Notepad and then into their CMS in order to be published without incurring the wrath of their editors. PureText allows users to paste selected text into their desired location free of rich formatting, all through the magic of a hotkey, which you can configure to convert the text. So fear not, gentle readers, your holiday of choice has come early this year! Download your free copy of PureText 2.0 today.