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Hot on the heels of the Morello/SmartNewspapers update, more exciting news for print media publishers. Quark Software has released Quark Publishing System 7 (QPS 7), an update of their collaborative work-flow tool which integrates with the ubiquitous desktop-publishing behemoth: QuarkXpress 7.QPS 7 has adopted an open standards-based architecture that is built using Java, thus little consideration is given to what platform you run it on. In fact, this flexibility has also been built into an included multifunction client that lets users work with their own preferred Mac and Windows apps. The updated version of the popular publishing system offers the following functionality: * Secure file streaming * Server-side scripting * Live alerts to editorial changes * Support for HSQL and Microsoft SQL Server * An updated search feature and the obligatory UI facelift Off-site users can blend seamlessly into the shared workspace via a new web-based editor, and will be able to partake in advanced CM tasks including copyfitting. According to a nameless Quark mandarin, the new state of the art architecture will give enterprises "...a new level of freedom to allow publishers the ability to work the way they want". This new architecture in question is interesting: Quark hopes the open-standards basis of the technology will enhance scalability and make deployment easier. Did we mention that the new architecture "can support an unlimited number of publications in one system"? Color us skeptical. Quark is also insisting that its product life-cycle is now based on Service-Oriented Architecture. How very modern. Let's hope it works out. Certainly not a newcomer to the print publishing market, Quark has been churning out this product since the late 80's (early 90's as an off-the-shelf package). It's practically an institution. In the unlikely event you are in Vienna, you can see the new software in action at the IfraExpo where the company is demonstrating QPS 7 until October 11. If there is no room in your schedule for a quick jaunt to Austria, feel free to visit the website for more information.