Quark Xpress
Proving that content management is just as important for creative shops as it is legal firms, Denver-based Quark Inc. announces the availability of a new and improved version of their QuarkXPress Server product. The buzz word for this release is XML .With version 7.2 of the popular server product, Quark is introducing new XML capabilities that allow users to make the most of their creative assets by enabling the repurposing of said content into other systems. According to Quark, these other systems include email servers, web servers, or "other content delivery environments" (perhaps a web content management system?). Imagine, if you will, the ability for creative professionals to simply click a button or execute a keyboard shortcut and have their work wisked away for approval via email or into a cms-based workflow. All this without the user having to leave their delicate flow state to pull up the dreaded Outlook or a separate CMS interface. This all sounds great for the users, but what about the IT staff that has to install, configure, maintain and integrate QuarkXPress Server 7.2 into the existing environment? The new version of QuarkXPress Server addresses these concerns by supporting HTTP, SOAP, .NET, ASP, PHP, JSP and including a Java manager for the rapid development of automated and scalable publishing solutions. A few more features worth mentioning include: * Simple Scalability: Although "simple scalability" is a bit of an oxymoron, IT staff will be refreshed to learn about it nonetheless. The built-in QuarkXPress Server Manager allows for the centralized configuration of additional servers, load balancing and automated error reporting. * Improved Output Accuracy: What good is a huge investment in an enterprise wide solution if you cannot get out of it what you put into it? QuarkXPress Server solves this issue with the concept of Job Jackets which help ensure that a print job adheres to the user's specifications from creation to production. * Support for Universal Binary: Understanding that most creative shops are tilted heavy to the Mac side, Quark insures that that the new version of QuarkXPress Server will run natively on the Intel Mac. Linda Chase, SVP of enterprise products for Quark touts flexibility noting that "QuarkXPress Server 7.2 helps users move beyond rigid template-driven design to the creation of richly designed content quickly and easily." The company definitely had the Web in mind during this release cycle, claiming that the new XML features will make it possible to "construct design-rich QuarkXPress documents within Web-driven workflows." More information about the new version of QuarkXPress Server can be found on their website. Are you currently using QuarkXPress Server? Do you have accolades or horror stories to share? Are you excited about the new version? If so, jump down to the bottom of this page and let us know what you think.