With the fourth release candidate of Movable Type 4.0 available as of today, Six Apart evangelist Anil Dash unleashes a wild-eyed call to devs, designers, strategists, consultants and systems integrators. This week a series of online events will assist techies, content builders and web aesthetes alike in best leveraging MT4, as well as helping make upgrades and transitions as smooth as possible.We've covered the awesomeness that is Movable Type 4 before. And having tried the beta the moment I got off that first MT4 conference call, I can attest to that it's easy to use and a more flexy for enterprises seeking a professional and pliable solution. But in terms of functionality, MT4 is positioned as both a web publishing and a community solution all on its own -- slightly more ambitious an assertion than your average blog platform. Yesterday Valleywag published a set of unresolved bugs associated with v4.0 that MT project manager Byrne Reese accidentally forwarded to an outside developers' mailing list. The list is considerable and even if Owen Thomas spun it a little sideways and gray, invested parties may want to check that out here. Well, the purpose of having an open source project is to be able to air this kind of stuff out in the open and seek passionate parties ready to improve upon the general idea. Nonetheless, VW makes a good point in noting the release is obviously rushed. Nonetheless, if your enterprise is considering taking the leap into blogging, Movable Type is a good place to start. So mark your calendars for a bit of education on the product and migration assistance, as needed: * Consulting and Strategy Training for MT4. Here's an opportunity to quickly familiarize yourself with the slew of new features, and ask critical questions. This happens Wednesday (tomorrow!) August 8, at 12 PM PDT, or 3 EST. * Upgrade-A-Thon. Self-described experts, pure techies and wand-waving designers, this is for you. Here you'll get info on upgrading test installs, cloned versions of live sites and other things that will help you quickly nick bugs that might appear in the migration to this version. This happens tomorrow as well, at 10 AM PDT or 1 PM EST. * Plugin Hackathon. This new version is all about plugins so we wouldn't advise you miss this one. Here you'll hear about bug finds, new features and plugin capabilities. This happens Thursday August 9, 10:30 AM PDT or 1:30 PM EST. Info on how to plug into these events should become available at the community site, MovableType.org. We'll keep checking back, but if we miss it and you got the info first, let us know. Congrats to the Six Apart team, and all the community members that have and continue to make this release happen.