Softlayer CDN adds features

SoftLayer announced additional features for CDNLayer, the company’s unique content delivery network. CDNLayer is a worldwide system of server nodes scaled and optimized for delivery of large files.

For example, if you have a dozen zipped audiobooks you sell via your website and the files average one gigabyte in size, Softlayer’s CDNLayer option may meet your needs.

The newly added features can be accessed and controlled from within the SoftLayer Customer Portal. These features include:

  • Content Authentication: This feature enables a form of  digital transaction control allowing restriction of  content access for implementation of e-commerce monetization.
  • Cache Clearing: Elimination of cached files from all CDN Point-of-Presence nodes to remove time sensitive material quickly and easily. These PoP nodes being the caching servers that provide the data requested to the end user.

Enterprises may find value in the service’s capabilities. The commitment-free, no-contract low pricing CDN model starts at US$ 20.00 per month for the first 200GB transfer and US$ 0.20 per GB for additional bandwidth used. These terms might make this an attractive, cost-effective alternative to an enterprise’s current large-file delivery system.

CDNLayer is essentially a multi-site, multi-server Content Delivery Network capable of streaming large media files more efficiently than serving from within your own IT infrastructure.

Learning Opportunities

How Does It Work?

CDNLayer moves content geographically closer to end-users. Theoretically, this scheme of minimizing the distance content has to travel will engender a more stable delivery experience to the end user.  The closer content is streamed from, the less likelihood of becoming mired in network traffic jams which can result in at best -- interminable latency, and at worst, failed downloads. By delivering content consistently and rapidly, CDNLayer promises a superior user experience which could lead to more profitable end-user interactions.

“On the Internet, content is king. CDNLayer not only gives our customers consistent and reliable content delivery, it brings them a tool for managing and securing content access and digital rights,” said Nathan Day, SoftLayer Chief Technology Officer. “These new features extend CDNLayer’s capabilities for protecting the value of customers’ content and maximizing its return.”

Content Formats SupportedFormats for Progressive DownloadsFormats for Streaming Media

 DivXWindows Media
  H.264 Flash Media
 Move Media 4.0
 Microsoft Silverlight 0.0
 QuickTime 3.0
  MP3 0.0
 RealSystem G2 5.0
Delivery ProtocolsRealPlayer 4.0
Real Networks 5.0

In addition to the new features announced today, the service also provides:

  • Content access control, utilizing unique tokens or IP addresses to authorize access
  • Access to write your own content access control tools
  • FTP access to upload content
  • Bandwidth monitoring through CDN PoP
  • Origin pull of content for managing content from an origin web server

 The Softlayer CDNLayer service compares to Velocix Accelerator CDN offered by Velocix.