Cloud Computing Bootcamp
Are you one of those people who stare longingly at the cloud and wonder what it's really all about? Do you want to learn, but can't get away for more than a day? Well then head on over to the Cloud Computing Expo and sign up for the Cloud Computing Bootcamp scheduled for November 19, 2008 in San Jose, California. The Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a full day of hands on training designed to teach you everything you need to understand about living in the cloud -- including who the players are. The morning sessions will give you a run through of the major players including Amazon, GoGrid/Flexiscale, Google and Sessions will cover the services offered by these players. More importantly, the sessions will let you play, providing configuration samples, live demos and working setups for you to try out and adapt to suit your requirements. The afternoon sessions are packed with information on living in the cloud or in multiple clouds and how these can work together you provide you the secure and stable on-demand services you need. Sessions on Load Balancing, Application and Data Management and a closer look at the Google AppEngine should give you all basics you need to figure out how you can move your infrastructure and services to a cloud computing model. The bootcamp will be led by Alan Williamson. Alan is the Founder of, a Sun Java Champion and creator of OpenBlueDragon (an open source Java CFML runtime engine). Who should attend this Cloud Computing Bootcamp? If you are in IT and want to learn more about cloud computing, then you should try to attend. Note that this is hands on, technical training, so be prepared to speak geek. Early bird registration for the Bootcamp willl run you US$ 1,695 (but only until end of day today). Otherwise you are looking at a discount price of US$1, 795 until October 31 and an onsite registration of US$ 1, 995. As is the norm, there are other discounts for multiple registrations and for registering for the both Expo (November 19-21) and the Bootcamp (November 19). Is cloud computing the future of the enterprise? Attend the Expo and Bootcamp to learn why many believe it is and to get yourself up to speed on how you can help your company move there.