Apture and Washington Post Partner

It's official. Apture has partnered with the washingtonpost.com.

The web publishing and content compilation technology provider will now offer the infamous paper's online readers a "highly engaging" way to view political data, congressional records, video, news and abstracts within a single washingtonpost.com browser experience. In exchange, washingtonpost.com plans to make such data and content available to any blog or website that uses the Apture publishing platform.

The Apture Integration Plan

The Post will put Apture to work first by integrating it with the washingtonpost.com's Congressional Votes Database to provide up-to-date information on the latest House and Senate Votes. Readers can access data and information through a "seamless interactive Apture window" that automatically links to the names of Congress and Senate members.

Political blogs and media sites will be next to integrate the Apture publishing platform. Soon they will be able to host content from the washingtonpost.com's Congressional Votes Database and access public domain U.S. legislative footage dating back to 2006 from Metavid. Both of these capabilities are done using Apture's Media Hub.

The Media Hub, a prominent Apture feature, allows editors to include rich media content from over twenty five different sources, including YouTube videos, Wikipedia content, Google Maps, or in-house content from The Post's archives.

Redefining the Art of Web Publishing

Apture boasts that its very existence plays a role in redefining the "art of web publishing". If that is indeed true, then their partnership with the washingtonpost.com demonstrates a bold move towards customized integration - one that aims to incorporate a plethora of media into a story so that readers can have "new tools to dig deep into a story or topic."

Representing the nation's political capitol, it behooves the washingtonpost.com to capitalize (no pun intended) on its congressional database by making it more accessible, easier to use and informational. 

By aiming to deliver a political perspective through the integration of innovative multimedia content, the washingtonpost.com' s partnership with Apture shows the commitment to creating an interactive news experience.  A committment that relies on using the latest technology and tools while engaging readers to become active participants.

That, in itself, is redefining the "art of web publishing."