Web Publishing Roll-up: From iPads to Digital Media Handbooks

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This week, web publishing lends itself wholly to digital media. From iPads to handbooks about implementing digital initiatives to daily video news programs, it’s becoming clear that digital media is catching on.

Digital Media Handbook

The Society of Professional Journalists, an organization of journalists dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism, while stimulating high standards of ethical behavior, has published a "Digital Media Handbook."

The handbook is a compilation of essays written by experts on a variety of digital media-related topics. Essays range from “Four steps to building successful live streamingservice on your news site” to “What can Google Wave do for you?” and “Digital slideshows: The extra nugget foryour online news story.” Essentially, the handbook aims to instruct journalists how to use a wide variety of digital media to their fullest potential.

Apple Secures More Publishers for the iPad

Apple has signed a deal with two independent publishers, Perseus Books Group and Workman Publishing Company, to sell electronic versions of their books on the iPad. This deal brings the total number of publishers signed to seven, a considerable feat considering that Amazon has been strongly lobbying publishers that have not yet signed deals with Apple to refrain from doing so.

Learning Opportunities

Apple has remained the sweeter deal for publishers since it will let them set consumer prices, within limits, whereas Amazon allows them no control.

NYT Launches TimesCast

This week the New York Times rolled out its new lunchtime digital video show. "TimesCast” is a daily video news program, which takes viewers inside the newsroom. Scheduled to appear at the top of the Times web site from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, the video program takes viewers/readers behind the scenes to focus on the breaking news stories that the Times’ editorial staff is covering that day.

So far, the videos are about 6-7 minutes long and have covered the hot topics of the day.