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One of the challenges of designing for new devices, like the iPad, is that some of the functionality that’s commonplace on other familiar devices isn’t yet fully developed.

The release of version 1.6 of Woodwing’s Digital Magazine Tools aims to change that.

The key new features allow publishers the ability to enhance the reader experience via support for subscriptions, optimizing the download of digital publications and new APIs.


Readers can log into their subscription license to read the issues they have access to. By promoting subscriptions via in-app advertisements, publishers let readers subscribe to the publication directly within the app.

Enhanced Downloading

Readers can access enhanced feedback about the process when downloading digital publications. Download status is shown in percentage and readers are informed about the content being transferred and installed on their tablet device. Should downloads be interrupted, they can be resumed from the point where they were paused.

However, publishers can ensure that their readers download their digital publications using a 3G mobile connection, either by displaying a warning message or by excluding this option entirely.


By opening a publications’s API, access to content can be transformed with the hope of enhancing the reading experience. Woodwing’s Navigation API lets publishers redefine the way they navigate to sections, pages and stories of the digital publication. Publishers can use the API to create custom navigation tools.

With the new Gesture API publishers can add custom gestures to their apps.

Learning Opportunities

Woodwing’s Digital Magazine Tools have been popular among publishers and their developers. In October, more than 20 new apps were created using the tools and are now available in Apple’s App Store.

Supporting both

Adobe CS4 and CS5

, WoodWing's tablet publishing solution affords publishers the opportunity to create digital publications that offer readers more functionality and publishers more flexibility.