wordclay launches new do-it yourself publishing site
From the Annals of Anyone Can be a Writer comes a new launch from WordClay - a do-it-yourself book publishing Web site. After completing a beta period that enrolled 5,000 book projects, they initiated a general availability launch last week. WordClay allows writers of all experience levels to self-publish their books. Instead of concerning themselves with margin measurements and bookbinding, WordClay allows users to focus more on writing and marketing. Creating a free password-protected online account lets would-be authors control each step of the publishing process, from uploading the manuscript, to designing the front cover, to selecting the price of the book and their royalty. Users can save their work and come back at anytime to finish the process. In the end, finished products are printed on-demand, ensuring that authors will not have to pay for the cost to print individual copies before they are sold. And speaking of sold, perhaps the most revolutionary thing about this online publishing site is that authors have two very helpful options to market their books in real time. Users who publish their work via the Wordclay publishing wizard have their books available for purchase in Wordclay's online Bookstore. Users can also select Channel Book Distribution and have their books available for sale at more than 25,000 retailers worldwide, including Amazon.com. While a DIY site like this might not thrill traditional publishing houses, it is a viable option for those who aspire to have their works published. It's just another example of how Web 2.0 technologies focus on the needs of the user thus turning the traditional world of print publishing on its ear.