WSO2 Registry: SOA Governance Mixes with Web 2.0

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WSO2 Registry and Web 2.0
WSO2, the open source SOA company has released a new SOA governance registry. True to their Web 2.0 roots, this one combines the required functionality of a traditional SOA registry with Web 2.0 capabilities. The registry has a web-based interface and a number of Web 2.0 community features like tags, comments, and ratings.What does all this Web 2.0 functionality really do for the WSO2 registry? Well, it enables non-technical people to easily use the registry along with the usual developers and administrators.This is the second Web 2.0 capable solution the WSO2 has introduced this year. In January they introduced their new Mashup Server on a SOA platform.The WSO2 Registry has built-in support for common XML and SOA metadata formats. In addition other data such as Microsoft Office documents, images, files and text files can be stored in the registry. The Registry can be used for services and service descriptions as well as projects and employee data.Users can rate, tag and comment on the resources and view other ratings from the community.“The ability to bring together SOA governance with Web 2.0 community features is central to enabling the social enterprise in which business and technical users work in concert, and IT is driven by the people who understand their needs best,” said Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO of WSO2. “The Web 2.0-enabled WSO2 Registry extends our commitment to providing an open source SOA platform that puts the social enterprise within the reach of organizations seeking agility through closer collaboration.” The WSO2 can be used in several different ways:* Embedded in any Java application* Used remotely via a REST-style Web API using languages like Java, PHP, C++ and Javascript* Used as a standalone web application using an AJAX-powered interfaceThe product is fully open sourced under the Apache License 2.0. WSO2 offers a range of service and support options for the Registry, including access to the WSO2 Oxygen Tank - their developer portal.You can download the WSO2 Registry now at their site.