WSO2 offers Mashup Server
WSO2, an Open Source SOA company, has launched a new product called Mashup Server 1.0. This new server combines the capabilities of developing “situational” mashups with the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform. WSO2 was partially founded by some members of the Apache Software Foundation Web services community. Their first products based on the SOA platform were middleware products that included WSO2 Web Services Application Server and the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus. The WSO2 Mashup Server can consume information from a number of forms such as web services, HTML and other feeds. It then takes this information and develops a web service with metadata that can be consumed by other mashups or web service clients. As would be expected with a SOA platform, the Mashup Server supports the separation of content and presentation through XML and web services. As a result, user interfaces are broadened to include other mashups, RSS and Atom feeds, email, IM and more. Javascript is used to define the mashup and can be authored directly within the administrative User Interface, a text editor or any IDE (integrated development environment). These web services can be accessed in two ways. The first is using the common request-response pattern and the second is to program the service to run over a period of time. In addition to creating and consuming these mashups, an admin site enables users to utilize Web 2.0 capabilities to find, try, rate, comment, tag and share mashups with others. “Mashups, as situational applications, are empowering individual data owners to quickly and easily expose services that enhance productivity,” said Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO of WSO2. “With the WSO2 Mashup Server, mashups are being transformed from transient oddities into reliable, trusted services that can be shared across the enterprise or even Internet-scale communities. In the process, enterprise IT transforms gracefully from a top-down operation to a bottom-up initiative driven by the people who understand their business needs best.” WSO2 Mashup Server Features The server is built on the WSO2 Web Services Application Server and WSO2’s built-in registry. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Some of its features include: * It's based on Apache/Axis2 * Mashups are authored in Javascript or E4X (Ecmascript for XML) extensions * Auto-generation of Web Service and UI artifacts (i.e. WSDL, Javascript Stubs, REST URLs) * The ability to compose data that comes from sources such as other web services, RSS, HTML scraping and files. * Web 2.0 –style console which supports different users and allows tagging, commenting, rating and search for mashups. At the same time, WSO2 has also announced the beta release of, a hosted online version of the Mashup Server. It includes a community site for developing, running and sharing mashups. Mashups in the Enterprise WSO2 isn’t the only vendor offering a mashup solution for the enterprise. Just take a look at IBM’s upcoming mashup software. But where IBM already has an arm and a leg entrenched in the enterprise world, WSO2 may still have some work ahead of them. Is there still a stigma regarding the use of open source solutions in the enterprise? You can download Mashup Server 1.0 now. Released under the Apache License 2.0 means there are no licensing or subscription fees. WSO2 does offer a number of service and support options to support the Mashup Server in addition to the WSO2 Oxygen Tank – an open developer portal with lots of tools to help developers built on the platform. If you want to try the hosted version, just complete your registration and get your free membership.