YikeSite, a simple means of keeping your site or a client's up-to-date, launched earlier today.YikeSite is a SaaS Web CMS written in Ruby on Rails. Structure of pricing varies based on the size of your storage needs. 5 MB of storage and unlimited pages is free; solo accounts (50 MB) are US$ 12 per month; small business accounts (200 MB) are US$ 24 per month; and large business accounts (500 MB) are no more than US$ 45 per month. Each variant comes with a free trial, and site development looks about as simple as a typical blogging platform (our first impression: MT4 but on Rails). I'm inclined to watch YikeSite closely - how better to find out for certain whether the subscription model is truly dead? The company is based in British Columbia and first presented its concept at RailsConf2007. If curious, register here. And if you want to catch the YikeSite team in person, try to hit Future of Web Apps in London this October.