"Jive enables the world to work better together." Or so it claims.

That’s Jive’s mission statement — a pretty lofty goal … especially in a world that’s overflowing with information, where employees often do their jobs remotely, where business users expect to have their questions answered in real time, at any time, on whatever end point is most convenient and regardless of how complex or complicated their problems are.

Never mind that your co-workers might get their paychecks from a different employer than you.

In a world like this, you have to harness the power of community to bring people, technology and the business together in order to become or remain competitive. This may not be a shocking revelation, but it’s one that’s not realized by many.

A 2015 Human Capital trends report written by consultant Deloitte revealed that half of respondents to their survey said that their organizations have either a poor program or no program at all to measure and improve engagement.

Let's Get Together Now

This in one of the major problems Jive software wants to help their customers solve. Jive knows all about engagement. In fact, it’s been its central focus since 2001 when the company was founded.

And while both Gartner and Forrester call Jive a Leader, the software vendor isn’t resting on its laurels, said Clara Liang, chief product officer at Jive Software. As workplaces, work styles and modes of communication change, Jive’s software and products are being reimagined, updated or created anew.

This morning Jive made two big announcements: one around Jive-x, its external community offering and the other around Jive-n, its internal community solution. We’ll take them one at a time.

Jive-x’s latest release now includes a next generation support center that not only helps brands engage with their customers more effectively but also reduces service costs and streamlines the escalation process.

In practical terms it works like this: when a customer has a problem his goal to find the solution and get back to what he was doing as quickly as possible. Today people prefer to do this via a browser rather than a telephone call.

Jive-x has been built to help brands serve customers according to their preferences in an expedient way. It now offers new search capabilities into its product, which include filtering, social relevance rankings and analytics for quicker access to pertinent information.

In addition, the update includes an option for people who prefer to browse for content; they can now navigate through categorized sections within the Jive community that are populated from pre-selected filters.

 If customers can’t get their questions via self-help methods they ultimately end up having to ask for human support. And God knows that can be a tedious process.

Jive-x customers may not have to ask anymore. Its support centers will soon be able to integrate with Zendesk's ticket management system, which ensures unanswered questions will be automatically escalated into tickets.

Learning Opportunities

There’s also a new mobile solution included in this release for on-the-go community management so that administrators won’t have to stay pinned to their desks or go look for their laptops when problems occur during off hours.

Finally there’s an engagement index chart so that brands can see how communities engage with their brands and identify opportunities to grow and deepen their participation.

What Workers Want

There are two things workers want, aside from bigger paychecks, better benefit programs, cool brands of coffee snacks and a budget for games. First, they want to be provided with the resources they need to get their jobs done, and second, they want to feel connected and appreciated. Jive-n has been built to help with the latter two.

Similar to Jive-x’s support center, Jive-n’s employee support center now provides an intuitive self-help and peer-to-peer capabilities so that workers can quickly access existing help content or ask questions of colleagues and staff without having to call a help desk.

“People want their questions answer as quickly as possible so that they can back to work,” said Liang. And companies want their support staff to spend their talent and time by solving problems and answering questions whose answers aren’t readily available online.

To help employers bring that vision to life Jive will roll out Spotlight Search tomorrow. It helps admins promote content by associating specific search phrases with one or more links, which improves the overall experience for employees using those keywords. As a result, the most relevant results appear as the top recommended content above other organic search results.

Content sharing can be a drag. Jive-n’s newest release lightens the burden via a new effortless bulk upload functionality that provides an easy way to move batches of files by simply dragging and dropping. In addition, employees can now copy documents with a click of button and clone title, body and publishing information into a new piece of content.

Jive also announced it has extended its capabilities as a collaboration hub that unites employees, information and systems across organizations, geographies, tools and devices with enhanced integrations for Google and Microsoft applications.

Finally Jive-x now provides a user interaction report, which allows companies to measure collaboration across functions, hierarchies and business. Additionally, community managers have the ability to filter across timeframes and profile attributes for a more niche style of reporting.

Though Jive-n and Jive-x are separate products they both provide solutions around helping people live inside and leverage the strengths of their communities. Jive, in a sense, provides the lubricant that we need to work together and strives to eliminate the bottlenecks and barriers that get in the way.