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  • Artist at work

    Effective CMOs are Creative CMOs

    In this five-part series on the differences between a true Chief Marketing Officer and someone who merely heads a marketing department, we’ve talked about the need for strategic leadership, business results, customer focus and innovation.

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  • Shopping on a scooter

    CMO Advice: Keep Your Focus on the Customer

    As Chief Marketing Officers assume greater responsibility and influence in their organizations, a potential trap awaits them: losing the connection with customer needs and market nuances. Successful CMOs never lose their focus on the customer. And sometimes their employers make sure of it.

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  • standing on the edge

    CMO Advice: You Have to Take Calculated Risks

    Disruption and innovation go hand in hand with a CMO’s ability to help his organization build close relationships with its customers. It’s about transformation, reinvention and leadership. But this can be painful. In many cases, it means moving away from the very things that made the company successful.

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  • A True CMO Focuses on Business Results

    A True CMO Focuses on Business Results

    In many organizations, the marketing function is still viewed as a cost center instead of a revenue driver. Part of the reason is inertial, formed from years when top marketing executives ran departments instead of taking responsibility for their businesses.

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  • Strategic Leadership Sets CMOs Apart from Heads of Marketing

    Strategic Leadership Sets CMOs Apart from Heads of Marketing

    The celebration was surely muted when Forrester Research predicted that in 2015, the average tenure for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) would reach five years. That’s not long, but it’s nearly double the average reported as recently as 2006.

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